Vendor Services

Vendors and manufacturers who require progress payments prior to equipment delivery and installation. This type transaction must be $100,000 or more, and must be approved at the time the client’s credit is approved. 

As part of our Vendor program, we have an APPLICATION-ONLY program. This program will expedite transactions for all your clients who have been in business for at least three (3) years or more, with transactions up to $75,000. ACG will guarantee response within 72 hours for all completed APPLICATION-ONLY clients.

The ACG application may be download from our web site and forward along with the detail description of your financial requirements and collateral description, for a preliminary review. Prior to processing the actual application, we can advise you of problems that may exist and need to be resolved before the application is actually submitted for approval.

ACG is dedicated to helping you develop your business. We welcome you to our team of vendors, and look forward to being the financial arm of your firm and serving your clients.

For more information contact Bill Richardson-323-936-0555, ext.11