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Create new sales opportunities and add to your bottom line. If you actively use leasing as a sales tool with your prospects you’re most likely working with a leasing company that simply doesn’t consider leasing applicants whose business is under two (2) years in business (start-up) or has a credit profile that doesn’t meet their more rigid credit parameters. Those are lost sales opportunities for you!  We can help you increase your sales! We’re happy to look at those deals, and educate your sales
force about the benefits of leasing as well as helping them match our credit guidelines with any of your sales prospects.

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Americus Credit Group will work with manufacturers that make high-quality products, which are mission-critical to their industry. You must have resources to increase the chances of a successful outcome with each customer contact.
By giving your customers the option to finance, you will never lose another sale because your prospect doesn’t have the cash to buy the equipment. Americus Credit Group has a robust application-only program for 100% of the purchase price for up to $350,000, which is designed to make it easier by reducing the amount of paperwork involved in applying for a lease/loan.

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