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The following are some great examples on the advantages of corporate leasing. If you have a particular requirement, application or financial challenge, please send us a request for proposal, or call us directly. We have been very successful in helping our clients find efficient solutions to their needs.

Conserve Capital:
Leasing enables you to direct capital to the highest profit centers of your business.

Avoid Large Capital Outlays:
Retain your liquid capital and employ working capital where return is high. 

Preserve Credit Lines:
Present lines of credit can be left open to meet other needs of your business.  Unlike bank loans, leasing does not require compensating balances.

Facilitate Budgeting: 
Small monthly rental payments, made out of pre-tax income, may be squeezed into the tightest budget.

Hedge Against Inflation: 
Today’s dollar is more valuable than tomorrow’s dollar will be.  Pay with tomorrow’s less valuable dollars.

Avoid Obsolescence: 
Leasing makes it easy to upgrade your equipment, eliminating inefficiencies and keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Pay Its Own Way:
Leasing allows you to pay for equipment as you use it to generate income.

Leasing is 100% Financing
Unlike loans, leasing usually requires no down payments.