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Americus Credit Group (ACG) recognizes the need among software developers, equipment manufactures, dealers and value-added remarketers to have available every sales tool possible to close a sale. ACG has extensive experience in developing and structuring mutually beneficial vendor leasing programs that result in increased sales. 

ACG further recognizes that the technology solutions of the future are becoming more software based than hardware based. With that in mind, ACG has developed tailor-made finance programs directed at software developers and value-added resellers. No one in the industry has more knowledge in this area than ACG.

In designing a vendor leasing program, equipment or software focused. ACG takes into consideration the vendor’s corporate objective, marketing strategies, and goals and the needs of its customers. 

We will provide training, by working with your team help them understand how to use leasing as a sales tool. 

Competitive funding strategies for either individual transactions or portfolios on either a recourse or non-recourse basis. Specialized programs, to effectively market in areas such as municipalities with tax-exempt leasing structures, short-term rental programs, zero interest programs, etc.

For more information contact,  Bill Richardson-323-936-0555, ext.11