Section 179

Write off 100% of $1,050,000 worth of Equipment with Section 179 in 2021

Any business is able to write off 100% of the first $1,050,000 worth of equipment they put into service in 2021. This deduction is available for $1 buy leases, $101 leases, as well as equipment finance contracts.

Section 179 allows any small to medium-sized business to reduce its income by 100% of the cost of the equipment they put into service in the current calendar year – up to $1,050,000. The threshold for this deductions is $2,620,000.

There is bonus depreciation that allows a business to write off 100% of its equipment purchases over $1,050,000. It does not matter how much the company has invested in the equipment.

We have structures that allow you to take this write off without making a payment on the equipment this year, as long as you take delivery of your equipment by December 31, 2021.

Section 179 Tax Savings Calculator